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New user guide

1、First register on our website

2、Copy the taobao items link to shopping cart



♥ If some information cannot be retrieved, please enter them manually.

♥ Please enter additional information about the item (color, size, pattern etc) in the "Remarks" field.

♥ If the picture does not show up, do not worry. It will not affect the purchase.



2) Go to your shopping cart page and pay for items

Go to “ shopping cart”, select the items you want to pay. In this interface, you will know the total amount of your items and account balance


you could click “Delete” to cancel this order before you pay.

You could click " all” to select all the order you want to pay.

You could click “Deselect” to cancel the order you have selected before.

You could click “Add to my favorite” to add this order to your favorite.


3) Aibuyo's purchaser will help you buy the item after the payment is done.


After paid the items, your order will go to purchasing process. And you could check the order status in Aibuyo account at any time. The status include: Await purchase, In purchasing, Await payment, Bought, Arrived, Refunded, Lost, Storing, Abandon.


Pending:The item has not been purchased yet, (in this status, you can delete this item if you like).
Processing:Our purchaser is buying this item now. Once purchased, you cannot delete it.
Has purchased:The item has been bought.
Has arrived: The items have arrived at Aibuyo's warehouse
The problem:The order got some problem
Invalid order:The oder was useless.

4) After the items arrive at Aibuyo, please select the items you would like to ship and submit delivery address. After got the exact weight, please select the delivery method and pay delivery fees.



Log in and go to “my order”, click “Arrived”, and then select the items you like to delivery, click “submit to freight”.



Then you will see this interface about your address.


At this page you can use the common addres or write new address again ,


If you have some special requests about your parcel, please note that in the “Special instruction”.

The "Declared value" and Express Waybill description" are optionally to be filled in.

If your account has no enough money when you click "pay", you can click "add money" to add enough.


If you have more question please try to contact with ou customs service center.


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