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Accidents in the international transit

Compensation Standard

Have Insurance

No Insurance

The parcel is lost

aibuyo will re-buy or make refund

No compensation.

The delivery , which can be examined, is damaged.

The amount of the damaged products will be refunded.

No compensation.

The delivery, which can not be examined, is damaged.

Only the service fee of this cargo will be refunded.

No compensation

The parcel is returned because of Customs,no sign on receipt, rejection.


No compensation

No compensation

The parcel is returned from your Post Office or other unknown reasons(probability:1%)

You only need pay shipping fee again ;
if your address problem,you still need pay return fee;
if your parcel more than 90 days still not any news,we will return all item's fee to you or re-buy for you.

You need pay shipping fee again and return fee;
if your parcel more than 90 days still not any news,you cant get any compensation.

Insurance coverage: the actual loss or damage of goods caused by any external factors in international transit.

Uninsured risks: Postal delay, the goods have been confiscated, destroyed, seized or detained etc by the customs authorities at destination.
(Any loss caused by the uninsured risks shall not be reimbursed.)

Insurance Claim Deadline: Please make an application within five days after receipt of goods, the overdue will not be accepted.

To report the loss, damage, or missing contents of a parcel, you'll need to fill out the aibuyo Claim Form and send that together with the invoice and pictures to

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