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  • pavel.olegovi4 2013-05-04
    Dear support, I added item to my order (ItemID:2969) at 25th of April, but it is processing now. If you didn't buy this item please cancell it. I need to send a package.
    Reply:Hi friend, All of your items arrived ,and already wrote weight,you can go to submit for delivery. Best regards, Elina
  • CaimHorus 2013-04-11
    As you said, has sent you a message by e-mail, but more than a day there is no answer. Regards Artem.
    Reply:Hi friend, Sorry replied late,already replied your email .at normal which shipping method you always used?
  • coconut76 2013-04-11
    Now i'm waiting tracking numbers. And I ordered new item - please chek it. And please please - hurry up !!! Thanks for all friends!!! =)
    Reply:Hi friend, Please check at aibuyo account ,"my waybill" you will see your tracking number.,
  • Sergey 2013-02-26
    When to send a parcel, please track number
    Reply:Hi friend, Please check your aibuyo account ,check the my waybill you will see the tracking number .
  • Sergey 2013-02-25
    Hello, I see my cargo has arrived at the warehouse to you what his weight, I choose the delivery method to Ukraine?
    Reply:Hi friend, I already wrote weight ,you can go to submit for delivery .
  • Sergey 2013-02-22
    Hello, you have bought from a seller of goods that I have chosen and indicated in an order? when he shall have in stock?
    Reply:Hi friend, Your item already bought ,now waiting for it from the seller . I checked the parcel already on the way .
  • Ekaterina 2013-02-20
    Good day! I pay. What's next? wait to be brought to you?
    Reply:hi friend, Yes we will buy the items for you ,when arrived ,we will changed the status .
  • Ekaterina 2013-02-14
    Good day! Which way to pay?
    Reply:hi,friend sorry replied late. you can use paypal or western union. best regards. elina
  • goga 2013-01-30
    When can I make a booking? If I can get it before the end of February? this is important. I live in Russia. Thank you.
    Reply:Hi friend, I think cany get it before the end of february .because we will have near around half month chinese spring festival holiday on the February .you can order after 17th February .
  • goga 2013-01-29
    as soon processing my order? thank you
    Reply:Hi goga, the new order need buy after new year holiday,because most of the domestic delivery company will stop work.
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