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Place:Editor recommendation>clothes>2012夏装新款 品质通勤女装 加大码泡泡袖短袖白色衬衫 职业衬衣

2012夏装新款 品质通勤女装 加大码泡泡袖短袖白色衬衫 职业衬衣



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  • Brand: bud, grace
  • Item no: 2102 short sleeve
  • Sleeve long: short sleeve
  • Board type: cultivate one's morality type
  • YiChang: conventional paragraph (50 cm < YiChang than 65 cm)
  • Get model: lapel/POLO brought
  • Sleeve type: conventional sleeve
  • Style: OL commute
  • Design: the pure color
  • Quality of a material: cotton
  • Design details: bowknot high temperature to finalize the design buttons
  • Color classification: 2102 short sleeve/white 2102 short sleeve/CangLan
  • Year/season: the summer 2012
  • Sizes: 160/84 A 165/88 A 170/92 A 175/94 A 180 / XXXL 185/4 XL
  • The price range: 71-120 yuan
  • Main content material: 91% to 95%
  • Clothing placket: more than single button




160/84A  胸围84CM  衣长61CM  肩宽33CM  袖长20CM    腰围72CM

165/88A  胸围88CM  衣长62CM  肩宽34CM  袖长21CM    腰围76CM

170/92A  胸围92CM  衣长63CM  肩宽35CM  袖长22CM   腰围80CM

175/94A  胸围94CM  衣长64CM  肩宽35CM  袖长22CM    腰围84CM

180/XXXL  胸围98CM  衣长65CM  肩宽37CM  袖长23CM    腰围86CM

185/XXXXL  胸围102CM 衣长66CM  肩宽39CM  袖长23CM   腰围88CM 袖围32CM

面料:仿天丝   涤棉

注:3XL,4XL的吊牌是用标签贴的尺码,水洗标是直接使用圆珠笔更改或未更改。介意的亲请勿随意下单!! 毕竟是加大码的加单,没有专门订制吊牌与水洗标!!